Darwin Salver


Sadly, given the current restrictions that are in place and how things are likely to progress in the next couple of months it has been necessary to cancel the 2021 running of this competition. This decision is not taken lightly, but it is hoped that early confirmation will assist players with their planning.


The large silver salver presented to Bernard Darwin by the Times Newspaper is the trophy for this prestigious event, open to gentlemen under the age of 21 on 1st January in the year of competition, with a category one handicap . Only 50 players are selected from those with the lowest handicaps.

The figure of 50 has special relevance as it commemorates the fact that Bernard Darwin was twice Captain of Rye, in 1906 and 1956, a gap of 50 years!

Usually played in the third week in March, the four round medal event, played at a good pace in two ball matches is possibly one of the earliest qualifiers of a high standard in the season, and is keenly fought on the rolling dry links and speedy greens of Rye. The event results are accepted by the World Amateur Golf Rankings.

The Silver medal which the winner receives will take pride of place in any collection. Entry forms and competition rules can be downloaded from this website.